Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Problem meet Solution

The Archbishop of Canterbury apparently has been whining that he is being ignored by those is power, whilst they do pay attention to Muslims.

In a seemingly unrelated news item, the latest synod of the Church of England tabled a proposal to increase evangelism efforts in favour of a motion to increase tourism to religious buildings.

I have heard that the Archbishop of Canterbury is an ivory tower type, so I will break it down for him. Your Prime Minister is a politician. Politicians have a constant need to garner votes, especially in a parliamentary system. British Muslims are a growing group demographically, and they vote as blocs. It is relatively easy to ascertain what they want or need and deliver that to them.

Those who go to the Church of England are a declining group and are not united in very much of anything. They do not vote in blocs. Further, museums do not vote. Only people can do that.

Your old boss, Tony Blair, was a committed Christian. He paid some for that. You had greater access to him and his councils, not because you are wonderful or sage, but because you were the head of his church. The situation has changed. Tony Blair is no longer a Prime Minister or an Anglican. The new guy, Gordon Brown, needs votes. From all accounts he is rather desperate.

I have no solution to your political problems in the short term. For the long term, it occurs to me that if there were some way forthe institution you lead to regain focus and increase your numbers, then the Prime Minister might very well start returning your telephone calls again.

I'm a lawyer not a theologian but it occurs to me that there is a word that describes how a Christian group can embiggen itself by recruiting.

What's that word? Oh yes.... evangelism.

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