Saturday, July 19, 2008

For My Wife

RIP Jo Stafford. She will be missed.

Friday, July 18, 2008

For all the grills I have known

Our grill used to be near a fig tree in our backyard. Two years ago, we cut the fig tree down. Today our grill died. Our neighbour noticed a gas smell in his back yard. We called the gas company and the man they sent found a leak. He declared that our grill's condition was terminal.

This is the only song I can think of that will help our total lack of incinerated meat.

Man, Louisiana has some great music.

Here is their website.


In the comments John Moss recommended the Char-Broil 940. I like Char-Broil, they are based in Columbus, which means I'm buying locally, more or less. The 940 was tempting, but in the end I channeled Tim Allen and went for its bigger sibling. The tipping point was when we found out that Consumer Reports rated ours a 'Best Buy'.

The behemoth is now in its place of honour on our patio. Tonight, we grill!

All the Lambeth Info You Can Stand

and then some. Is the Int3rtoobz wonderful or what?

H/T Titus One Nine

Banner Day!

Not only is it Friday, but the second act of Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog is up! What a great start to the day.

For Cliff From the Seventies

Cliff put up a post wherein he asserted that music from the seventies sucked. The capper to his argument was 'Wildfire' by Michael Murphy. I offer the above as a response to his thesis.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Way To Go!

Lambeth has barely started and they've already managed to irritate the best religious reporter on the Anglican beat. Maybe Ruth Gledhill was just venting, but why on earth would the conference need security in the first place?

H/T Anglican Essentials Canada

Press Release 6/18/2058

(ENS)The Episcopal Church will celebrate one of our unique Saints Days today. The Feast Day that marks the martyrdom of Saint Gene is commemorated every year on June 17th. On this day in 2008, the saint was cruelly snubbed by the entire Anglican Communion in Lambeth England.

For the first time in six years all five Episcopalians are expected to gather at the church's meeting room at 815 Second Ave (Just enter past the Masjid and take the elevator to the sub basement. The meeting room is between the Unitarian/Universalist headquarters and the New Original Drifters office. It should be clearly marked).

Presiding Bishop Fox, after being revived, said "It's gonna be really swell." All four remaining bishops are going to be there, including the previously estranged Bishop Moretz of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Bethlehem, Newark, Navaholand, North and South Dakota, San Joaquin, El Camino Real and Hawaii.

When contacted about the reconciliation, he said "It's about time that we all had some face time together. And I finally had enough frequent flyer points to get the first class upgrade to New York."

Extra oxygen tanks will be supplied to all participants, so the ceremony should be pretty lively. All are welcome.

(AP) {Bangfiller: Add as follow up} When contacted about the Saint Gene, the Anglican archbishop of New York, Robert Anis, said "Saint who? I do not believe I am familiar with the saint. Are there really Episcopalians still around?"

High Hat- Every Fred 'n Ginger movie in 8 minutes

I miss the old Carole Burnett show. They had some fiendishly clever movie parodies.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thought For The Day

Interesting how cowardice and narcissism tend to go together. It seems counterintuitive, since cowards have so little to be narcissistic about. Yet it makes sense when you think about it. Cowards seldom expand their horizons, either in a physical sense (going new places and doing new things) or a mental sense (thinking outside their comfort zone); so after a while they notice that they are, in fact, big fish in their small pond. Which in turn convinces them that they’re special, and that they were right not to expand their horizons in the first place.

By some guy named Ken from here.

From Armed and Dangerous via Samizdata discussing the late semi-great Thomas Disch.

God Bless England

This post made me happy. The smile will probably last all day. What other country could produce a list of churches like this?

St Mary the Virgin Elsenham, Essex
Christ Church Chadderton, Manchester
Loxbeare Church Tiverton, N Devon
St John's Church Polegate, Sussex
St Nicholas Tooting, London
Evangelical Fellowship of Irish Clergy
St Laurence Church Eastwood, Essex
Episcopal Orthodox Mission in Italy

Loxbeare is just fun to say out loud. Polegate is a nifty name for a town. Chadderton is also amusing (are the people there particularly loquacious?).

But the winner, hands down, is St Nicholas Tooting, London. Google reveals that Tooting is an area of greater London. But the name for me conjures up a church named after a gassy Santa Claus. Since that is funnier, I choose to believe that over the facts. It's the Anglican thing to do.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Miller Time!

Ann Miller of course.

So Glad to Be Home!

Great song, so so video.

Class Reunion- personal stuff

I went to my high school class's 30th year reunion this weekend. I am never repeating that again. I'll consider go to a college reunion. And we spent the weekend with my brother, sister in law and our two nieces which was nice.

On a lighter side, I have a spiffy new office chair and 12 pounds of Carolina Gold Rice!