Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Advice for a Young Woman

I've given it many times. Most women refuse to believe me. But I am a man, and I know men. I am right.

{Beginning of helpful advice}

There are strong men. There are sensitive men. In our history as a race, there has been exactly one strong and sensitive man. He was born two thousand years ago.

Your odds of meeting/dating/marrying a man who is both strong and sensitive is exactly nil. You must choose one or the other. You will never have both. You will never be able to remake him. You can not fix any of his imperfections. We come 'as is', in two basic models with no returns, exchanges or rain checks.

{End of helpful advice}

For what it's worth, Sally gets the above, mostly. ;)


Perpetua said...

By strong, do you mean:
a) willing to confront corrupt leadership, or
b)the one who picks up the dead gopher and disposes of it?

I'm thinking that b) is probably mutually exclusive with sensitive. But are you also saying that standing firm and confronting problems is mutually exclusive with sensitive?

And in which category do you put yourself?

Matthew said...

1. I would conflate a with b. They both would seem to call for the same sort of skills.

Please note, I'm discussing men. The two do not seem to be mutually exclusive with women. I have some knowledge of men. I have much less knowledge of women.

Although I've thought girls were neat since the age of twelve.

2. Strong. I'm a typical clueless guy when it comes to life.