Saturday, July 14, 2007

The State of Fiction

I read a variety of fiction. About the only genre I don't read is romance, and I catch some of that in cross-over form. What I've been noticing lately is how unsatisfactory a lot of modern fiction is. By that I mean, there's a lack of quality to it. Especially in the 'literature' category itself.

I haven't enjoyed reading a new serious book of fiction in a very long time. The trash categories are better, but not by much. I'm not seeing any really gripping thrillers, I'm solving the mysteries in the first chapter or so and don't get me started on fantasy. There's simply less science fiction being published, and little enough of that is the hard science fiction I truly prefer.

I can't decide if the lack of good reads is due to my standards having been raised (which doesn't seem likely) or a drop in quality or quantity.

Cool stuff coming up.

First, I think I'm going to see about having a range day either today or tomorrow. I have a .22 automatic pistol that I received for my birthday back in December that I still haven't fired. I also have a Finnish Moisin Nagant that I haven't fired as well. It's time to try out at least one of those bad boys. My vision has improved since I've stabilized on Glipizide and I'm thinking I may be able to hit targets consistently again.

Second, the last Harry Potter book is coming out next weekend. Sally is leaving for Montreal on Friday, so I'll have all of next weekend to find out what happens at Hogwarts. I love her dearly, but the time to ourselves is going to be nice.

Third, work seems to be picking up. We're still not as busy as I'd like, but we've seen dramatic improvement over the past week.

Fourth, I'm hosting a meeting of Stand Firm posters here in Atlanta. I have the restaurant picked out, and a date and time have been set. All that remains is to find out how many are coming and make the reservations. It should be a blast!
I really don't think much about the Swan of Newark. Unfortunately I do pay her more attention than she deserves as she, alone of all the prominent re-appraisers, is a rector of a church I used to attend.

Back in the dawn of time, I was an acolyte at St. Paul's, Chatham. Before her time, of course, but still, the sense of someone that destructive in a place that I have some connection to does chafe from time to time.