Thursday, June 12, 2008

Proposed Revision to Canadian Flag

Our spies in British Columbia have sent us what the BC HRC want the new Canadian flag to look like. I'm sure Mr Warman and Bishop Ingham will both be equally thrilled.

Oh, and if anyone wants to bring me up in front of a Human Rights Commission tribunal, I'm an American and I live, work and blog in America. I'm also an attorney. Bring it on.

Yet more background.


WannabeAnglican said...

Wonderful! I'm stealing, uh, I mean, using your flag.

Matthew said...

Feel free!

.....CLIFFORD said...

"Canucks of the world, eh, Unite! You have nothing to loose, eh, but your skates!"

"From each, eh, according to his abilities, eh, to each, eh; according to his touque!"

"Molson, eh, is the opiate of the people!"

Marxism-Hoserism 101. Eh.