Monday, June 09, 2008

Synchronicity and Grass Roots

The blogosphere has been abuzz with various discussions of fake 'grass roots' anti-firearms organizations for a while. The groups are usually dubbed 'astro-turf' organizations by their detractors. I'd been gestating a post on the subject when I saw an unrelated post over at StandFirm about the Dean of Seabury-Western's latest sermon.

The sermon, which appears on his blog, is on the old idea of 'living for the moment'. Which is generally good advice and is biblical. But the phrasing of his sermon reminded me of the old sixties song "Let's Live For Today" by a band called The Grass Roots. My curiosity piqued, I turned to Wikipedia to learn more about the band. And astonishingly enough, the Grass Roots would have been more accurately called the Astro-Turfs. And it all comes full circle.....

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