Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Death of Protestant America

From First Things, via Northern Plains Anglican. Please read it all.


Anonymous said...

Sobering, well worth taking the time to read in its entirety. I forwarded to my friend who is a retired Catholic sociology professor. (He calls himself the only conservative sociologist in America.)
Thanks for posting this.

Miss Sippi

Andrew said...

I was amazed to discover that Catholics now outnumber Protestants 2:1. I guess I shouldn't be, what with Hispanic immigration and reproduction, Catholic evangelism, and that fact that Catholics actually admit to believing in God.

Maybe if the 'Mainstream' went back to actually being 'Christian' they would see some growth. I know that my wife and I have been struggling with finding a church that believes in Christ.

Anonymous said...


I cannot seem to find a way to email you. I came here from Stand Firm, and note that you are from Atlanta. May I ask where you are currently attending church?


BeauMc1956 at bellsouth dot net