Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How to be Popular

I only check my viewing stats about twice a week or so. I try very hard not to obsess about who is reading me and why, as this blog is really here so I can spout off on topics that interest me.

Now that I've made that disclaimer, I had more hits yesterday than I ever have had. And after a quickie analysis, it would seem that instead of blogging about weird videos, retro music, Episcopal Church controversies, law and theology, I ought to be ranting about Georgia senatorial candidates. As my friends and relatives know all too well, I have definite political views, but politicians set off my allergies. I think the sickest I've ever been was the week after the State Democratic Convention where I had been a delegate.

The upshot of which is I think I'm coming down with the flu. And I blame Messrs. Vernon Jones, Dale! Cardwell, Rand Knight, Josh Lanier, Maggie Martinez and Saxby Chambliss . I blame all of them.

Addendum: Of course there's absolutely nothing wrong or even mucus forming about political satire.


Josh Lanier said...

I'm sorry, and you're welcome.

Andrew said...

It's primary season, and I 'm just getting over the flu!!! Thank you for making the connection for me! It's probably no accident that the most prominent public votes seem to happen in deepest winter, or late, chilly, wet autumn.

.....CLIFFORD said...


My apologies. I will refrain from stopping by until your stats look like mine and your health returns.

And as for that nut-job candidate that used to work for Cox Communications, know this: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin used to work for Cox Communications, too. QED.