Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Future

I think there is much that remains to be done in Africa, and that is an area where our efforts can easily pay off in manifold ways. The single best way I know to evangelize is to simply be helpful. And it sounds as though our willingness to be helpful is being challenged by the Muslims. that's the sort of competition I think we need to engage in.

As for the home front, many are somewhat discouraged. I am less so. I think that the orthodox Episcopalians were caught off guard by the theologically trendy. We were polite and played nice. They have not. The word that has resonated most with me this new year has been 'truculent'. I think we need to call our Worthy Opponents on each and every word they say. To hold them accountable for every premise, fact or conclusion they offer. In the past five years, that has happened more and more. The process that has resulted has been painful. It is going to be more so, but I think it will bear much fruit.

To use a gardening analogy, I think that we are being pruned. Unpleasant for the tree as it happens, but necessary if it's going to produce in the future.

In response to a post by Anglicat that is well worth reading.

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