Thursday, July 17, 2008

Press Release 6/18/2058

(ENS)The Episcopal Church will celebrate one of our unique Saints Days today. The Feast Day that marks the martyrdom of Saint Gene is commemorated every year on June 17th. On this day in 2008, the saint was cruelly snubbed by the entire Anglican Communion in Lambeth England.

For the first time in six years all five Episcopalians are expected to gather at the church's meeting room at 815 Second Ave (Just enter past the Masjid and take the elevator to the sub basement. The meeting room is between the Unitarian/Universalist headquarters and the New Original Drifters office. It should be clearly marked).

Presiding Bishop Fox, after being revived, said "It's gonna be really swell." All four remaining bishops are going to be there, including the previously estranged Bishop Moretz of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Bethlehem, Newark, Navaholand, North and South Dakota, San Joaquin, El Camino Real and Hawaii.

When contacted about the reconciliation, he said "It's about time that we all had some face time together. And I finally had enough frequent flyer points to get the first class upgrade to New York."

Extra oxygen tanks will be supplied to all participants, so the ceremony should be pretty lively. All are welcome.

(AP) {Bangfiller: Add as follow up} When contacted about the Saint Gene, the Anglican archbishop of New York, Robert Anis, said "Saint who? I do not believe I am familiar with the saint. Are there really Episcopalians still around?"

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