Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Helpfulness

I looked for a Youtube video for this, but couldn't find it.

Mr. Beers, here's a bit more help for you. It's a quote from a rather good movie.

Judge Slade: According to the provisions of the statutes of our territorial commonwealth, you gentleman of the jury have been selected as representative citizens of our fair community. We want to see that the public's faith is justified. So when you boys retire to consider a verdict, stay out awhile. Mr. Kent will see that you are plentifully provided with liquid refreshments. And after you have deliberated sufficiently, weighed all the evidence fair and square, and brought in a verdict of not guilty, you will be amply rewarded. You understand?

It's from here. Amazon carries it if you wish to buy it. It's also available from Netflix. Please pay attention to Judge Slade when he speaks. You will learn something.

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