Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fitna: Islam in the Netherlands

This is the movie by Geert Wilders that was pulled by Youtube. It's an examination of extremist muslims in Europe generally and in the Netherlands specifically.

This is a slow download (the hosting site is getting slammed right now), but if I could highlight a single post on this blog and say "Look at this!" this would probably be the one.

[Addendum: If the link has gone bad again, here is a link that should work]


Chazaq said...

Pretty amazing stuff. Looks like the Dutch are goin' down the tubes. I guess England is next, if Rowan has his way.

Matthew said...

And Live Leak has pulled it. The good news is that it is out and virally available on both YouTube and Goggle video.

Anonymous said...

Fitna is also here.

Also watch Islam: What the World Needs to Know

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