Monday, January 28, 2008


My beloved Oktoberfest Krug cracked near its base from one end to the other. I have ordered two replacement krugs, but unfortunately the company that sells them ships by FedEx Ground, so there's a good chance one or both may arrive cracked or broken. I have not had much success with FedEx Ground. Maybe this time I will be proven wrong. We can only hope.

The krug is an absolute necessity. When I wake I fill it to the top with the world's best coffee and enjoy through the course of the morning.

The world's best coffee you ask? What kind is that, you inquire? I purchase my green coffee beans online and roast them myself in relatively small batches. It's relatively inexpensive, it very much benefits the growers and I get perfect coffee every morning without sacrificing variety. Home roasting coffee is dead simple. Most people who try it and get the hang of it never go back to store bought.

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