Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Let's Get Political, Political! I Wanna Get Political

Or maybe not. I was mulling over my primary choices. As an independent I'm basically free in my state to vote in either primary. Then something occurred to me. I don't like Ron Paul. Shocking but true, I know. Please allow me to explain. I don't like his name. He has two first names. In my line of work, people who have two first names and no proper last name are troublesome.

Second and most importantly he either sounds like a purveyor of coconut clad chocolates, which I can't have because I'm diabetic, or he sounds like a second rate porn star.

I don't know where my readers stand, but I refuse to support a man who makes obscene candies. Even if they do have coconut. Besides his candies would be little and sweaty and that's just plain gross.

I firmly believe that Presidential candidates should come fully equipped with proper last names and share any foods they may make.

For those who don't remember the seventies, the title of this article refers to this song.

Side note: Given that Hillary and Bill didn't inhale, would it really be safe to accept brownies from Senator Clinton?

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Andrew said...

Hmmm, food for thought. Kinda explains why John Kerry and John Edwards didn't go anywhere against George Bush / Dick Cheney. Particularly since Kerry sounds a LOT like Carrie, which is a girl's name. Probably confused a lot of voters.

Looking at the current slate of candidates, What does that say about Barak Obama who has two LAST names. As does Hillary Clinton! On the Republican side, only Rudy Guiliani has a last name that sounds kinda first-ish. And sounds kinda girlish at that, too! Mitt Romney suffers from the two last names issue, though. I mean, what kind of name is 'Mitt'?