Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hey, Whatever Works

Researchers have found that sex ed delays teenagers from having sex. It seems to be irrelevant what sort of sex education it is, as well.

Everyone else may be baffled by this, but I know why. When I was a teen, I found everything taught to me in school to be dull and tedious. For example, I loathed Jane Austin for years as she was required reading in the ninth grade. If you teach teens about sex, they will believe it to be dull and tedious.

Maybe we ought to teach them about drugs as well. Require instruction in Heroin and I can practically guarantee no one will ever become a junkie.


Rachael Storm said...

I suspect so. Just make sure its more that "don't do it" but that it's more like, "Here is how it works, here is what happens" in a very scholarly manner. Make sure there is no mystery about it, that it is 100% clear all effects: positive and negative.

.....CLIFFORD said...

Just remind kids that their parents like to have sex.

We could stop promiscuity and obtain full-employment for therapists and psycolologists in one stroke (so to speak....).