Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I am the 99%

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Sibyl said...

Listening to the GOP debates, following the news and the stock market, and now reading the 99% posters, the real problem is obvious, but being ignored and denied like the infamous 'elephant in the living room.'

The US has a character crisis and an addiction crisis (well, really, it is a sin crisis).

Many of those demonstrating on our village and city greens are simply not good employee material.

Over 50% of adults in Western society have an addiction of some sort (Internet p*rn, gambling, alcohol, drugs, etc.)
A large number of our citizens are also criminals and our prisons are overflowing with the violent, addicted, unstable person who has never learned to live in healthy ways.
Adultery, divorce, promiscuity has increased the number and kinds of STDs.
Politicians and the media have taught us the meaning of 'spin' 'hype' and 'truthiness'.
Dishonesty and immorality are rapidly becoming the norm.
Workers feel entitled to a paycheck as well as to visiting porn sites, snorting/shooting during work hours and ridiculing the boss after hours on their home computer.
They feel entitled to take out their grievances on others...to sabotage the workplace if they are unhappy at home.
The Wikileaks traitor (yes, traitor) Julian Assange is the perfect example. He felt entitled and justified to betray his country (and endanger lives of servicemen/women) out of spite, because his boyfriend situation hurt his feelings. In George Washington's day, he would have been shot.

Ann Coulter has rightly called the Occupy movement the 'Flea Party.' She said the only other thing they ever occupied was Mom's basement.

Sibyl said...

Correction: Assange was the Scandanavian sexual predator who owned the Wikileaks site. Manning was the treasonous homosexual who leaked high security information to Assange.