Thursday, November 12, 2009

What Repentance Looks Like

Some Hillary supporters have seen the light. And the country is better for it.

My problem with an awful lot of those who backed Obama is the need for them to deify the man. It's one thing to say "I support X because he is for more of the policies I support than the other guy is". It's another to speak of X as embodying hope and change.

Obama did bring change on some levels. But the stuff I hoped he would change (the selling of American government, throwing money at problems, deficit spending, general wastefulness and extravangance) he did not. And what he did change is what I hoped he would not (appeasement as the basis for foreign policy, resurrection of health care as a federal issue, higher taxes, stupid (ie corrupt) stimulus, Keynesian economics).

For the sake of our country, I hope he learns fast. But his instinctual coddling of dictators (Castro, Kim, Chavez) tells me that such behaviour is not easily unlearned.

{H/T Clifford}

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