Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Reading

Back on Monday I posted that I was trying to decide which book to read for the summer. I was torn between The Consolation of Philosophy and The City of God. Per Zana's recommendation I went with the City of God.

I'm reading it slowly, so I'm only in Chapter 2 of Book 1. I can read about 300 pages a day, but in so doing I miss a fair amount. This is going to be more of a reading, meditating and pondering exercise than a race. City of God is a good choice for this because it not only has a compelling back story, but it also requires a fair amount of unpacking.

Also, as Augustine pretty much defines orthodoxy in the Christian context, I'm reading it less defensively and more openly.

On a related note, the autobiography of William Porcher Dubose is available online, for free! Is this a wonderful world or what?

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