Monday, July 13, 2009

Book Decision

I'm at a crossroads and am having trouble deciding what to read. I have two candidates. The first is my old, reliable companion: The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius. It is short, chock full of wise counsel and eminently readable (for those who do not know it, the Consolation may be the best selling self help book of all time). Or, I can re-read a book I haven't read in its entirety since college: The City of God by St. Augustine.

Both would do me a world of good. I just can't decide which. I also need to get serious about studying the Bible again. I've gotten out of the habit, which is horrible. Lately all I've been reading are throw away thrillers and a history of early New York. It's been fun, but not especially nourishing.


Zana said...

Go with Augustine! 8-D (and the philosopher of the house agrees)

Matthew said...

Sounds good if both of y'all agree. :)

The cool thing is that reading it will likely take most of the rest of summer!

Zana said...

I'm rereading "Confessions" right now, and since the philosopher has actually used that as a textbook in the past, I'm pretending to be a student and asking all kinds of questions. (Which drives him crazy if I'm reading in bed and he's trying to sleep. ::wicked grin::)

We're also reading (aloud) our way though the Bible together, using a 1-year reading checklist we got from somewhere. I like it because it goes back and forth from OT to NT by book (rather than straight through or chopping each book up into bits). If we weren't both doing it, I don't think I'd ever get it done, but it's been really, really good for both of us. The only "extra" resource we're using are the annotations from his RSV.

Good luck with your summer reading!! 8-)