Friday, December 26, 2008

One Track Prophetic Voice

The only problem with the Simpsons is that all too often they focus on the municipal level rather than the federal. The Simpsons writers still are entirely too accurate.

Monorail. Heh.


Perpetua said...

In November, California passed Proposition 1A - Safe, Reliable High-Speed Train Bond Act by 52.6%, about the same amount as Prop 8. But if you look at the voting maps in the links I just provided, the counties voting Yes are pretty much reversed. And the counties voting Yes on `1A are the counties the rail line would traverse.

Andrew said...

When I lived in ATL, the police made a mistake once and actually allowed a map of burglaries to be published. It almost perfectly overlayed the map of the MARTA light rail system.

Also, no light rail system in the US has ever actually paid it's own way. For that matter, neither does Amtrack. Once again, it's just another vote-buying project.