Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Nathan Fillion

Now that Firefly and Serenity are long gone, our favourite spaceship captain has been reduced to doing porn. PG rated porn at that.


Nailing Your Wife


Zana said...

Firefly - SHINY! So sad it was cancelled. And Serenity was good, but to me not nearly as good as the series. (Did you catch Summer Glau's short-lived return to TV as a good Terminator in the Sarah Connor Chronicles)

Is the clip from Dr. Horrible? My husband thought that web series was hysterical, but I haven't seen it yet. (And I can't view video at work - somehow they killed the bandwidth to preserve it for more "legitimate" uses)

Perpetua said...

Yes, Matthew, please tell us where you got this.

And Zana, what did you think of Jane? I thought Jane was hilarious, to the never ending shock and dismay of my family.

Matthew said...

I found it here:

Zana said...

{{guitar strumming}}"Jayne, the man they call Jayne.... took from the rich and he gave to the poor..."

(And then Simon says, "No, this must be what going insane feels like...")

WHEEEEE-la! ::big grin::

I liked the whole cast - they really clicked together. I think the show would not have been as good if they hadn't had that particular group of people at that particular time. The chemistry was just perfect. But I'm biased - I even liked Badger...heh. (and does anyone else think the actor who played Badger is now the voice of the Geico gekko??)

But Firefly, man. Where else can you get an "X-Files meets Bonanza in space" show??

Perpetua said...