Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lionel's bad day

However stressful Friday night may have been for me, it was no where near as as bad as this guy's Saturday. The horror of having to use porta-potties! At a diocesan convention, no less. The use of "scare quotes" is especially appreciated. Also, if you have time to kill, check out his fiction and poetry.


Perpetua said...

I don't see the reference to porta-potties.
Am I missing it or did he change the post?

Perpetua said...

OK, I did find this on the post from Oct 1st aptly titled "Petty":

"I lost it, however, when I was told that porta-potties had been ordered for the convention to serve the needs of the anticipated crowd.

True Episcopalians are willing to endure bad theology. I don’t understand why bad theology has to be accompanied by bad planning and bad toilets, however. Of course, maybe this is just to punish the Episcopalian “pagans” like me. The “orthodox” attendees can feel like they are suffering for the sake of the true gospel."