Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The New Republic has a neat little essay up that blames the failure of the bailout bill on everyone but the people mainly responsible, the Democrats. It's a nice idea, but last I checked the bill was sponsored by the House Democratic Congressional leadershipand the House is controlled by the Democrats. Did I miss something there?

Further, the Speaker of the House and one of the leading proponents of the bill made an extremely insulting, stupid and bigoted speech concerning the opposition.

If ever you need or want proof that the Mainstream Media represents only the left wing of the Democratic party, you now have it.

Is it any wonder that reporters and politicians are running neck and neck for bottom feeder ratings in all the public opinion polls?

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Rachael Storm said...

yes, you missed something. 2/3rds of the house democrats voted for the package, whereas, 1/3rd of republicans did despite encouragement from McCain.