Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Musings on Politics

The Mainstream Media has gushed over Obama like a fourteen year old girl over Menudo. At the same time his polls have declined steadily. McCain has been ignored by the press since he cinched his nomination. His polls have improved steadily.

I'm thinking that at this point in time in America, it's better to be ignored by the press than not. And further that it counts as a mark of honour if the press does not like you and a mark of shame if they do like you.

Maybe what Obama needs to do is slap a reporter around.

I'm just saying.....


Ream O Rama said...

OK, the only comment a 14 year old girl would have about Menudo, would be more along the lines of wrinkles and saggin' booties.

The Jonas Brothers, however, would capture the vote of 13 AND 14 year olds.

Matthew said...

I yield to the expert. I really should have consulted the nieces before posting, of course