Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Very Warm Welcome to Church Hell

For all of my Church of England brethren, welcome to the Episcopal Church (or Anglican Church of Canada if you prefer). You currently have a leader of Griswoldian proportions, right down to his surface High-Churchiness. What’s coming next is your very own Katherine Jefferts Schori or Fred Hiltz.

The progression is probable, but not inevitable. So there is still time to decide what to do.

But the main thing to be wary of is bishops who flaunt orthodox credentials. Far too many Canadian and American bishops found that when the rubber hit the road, they preferred being a bishop to serving Christ. There’s an exquisite sense of betrayal when you are a member of a diocese that has chosen heresy over schism.

In evaluating bishops, I have found it useful to ask the question “What would Athanasius do?” I commend that to you.

Just do not expect charity. Learn from our mistakes.

From a comment I made over at StandFirm.

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