Friday, July 11, 2008

After Jake, Expanded

As noted in a prior post, some of the commenters from 'Father Jake Stops the World' have decided to carry on.

I wish them well. The prior website had several things going for it. The first was Terry Martin's passion, which was very much a two edged sword. But it meant that persons of similar inclinations could respect him and feel comfortable reading his blog.

Another was that he had a ground level view (that of parish priest) of what was going on. That coupled with his passion meant that he didn't pull many punches. Which, of course, resulted in some lively reading.

Lastly, because of the first two, he built an online community of like minded persons.

I don't know if the new blog will be successful (I hope it will), but it will be interesting to see what elements from the old site carry over and what new elements get introduced.

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