Friday, July 04, 2008

Is Anybody There? - 1776

In honour of the day.

To get really political and alienate everyone, the question the song poses is still valid. We talk about being free and we mostly are, but very few of us are committed to maintaining and defending that freedom. All too many of my fellow citizens are perfectly willing to sell their freedom for the chimera of security.

The lack of outrage over the Human Rights Tribunals in Canada has been disheartening. The news from England is even more depressing. That's not to say there isn't hope. Even as the ACLU has abandoned its core commitments to the Bill of Rights in favour of a leftie agenda, the Internet has provided an extremely valuable tool for organizing freedom lovers from all nations in ad hoc, issue by issue groups. Youtube has proven a huge asset in shining the light of publicity on authoritarian asshats all over the globe.

The last 232 years have been a pretty good run for our country. I hope and pray that our commitment to remaining free does not flag. With some luck, the world may grow more free rather than less. We certainly can try to make it so.


Perpetua said...

Hi Matthew,
Suppose there was a bequest to go to "an organization which has as a principal purpose the defense of personal liberties". What organizations do you recommend be considered? Are there any broad based ones, or do they all specialize in religion, guns, etc? (I can explain more if you email me.)

Andrew said...

This particular number from '1776' has always brought tears to my eyes.

"Is anybody there?
Does anybody care?
Does anybody see what I see?

They want me to quit. They say "John give up the fight"!
Still, to England I say "Goodnight! Forever, goodnight!"
For I have crossed the Rubicon!
Let the bridge be burned behind me!
Come what may, come what may! Commitment!

The Croakers all say we'll rue the day, there'll be Hell to pay in fiery Purgatory!
Through all the gloom, all the gloom, I can see the rays of ravishing light and Glory!

Is anybody there?!
Does anybody care?!
Does anybody see what I see?!!

I see fireworks!
I see the pageant and pomp and parade!
I hear the bells ringing out, I hear the cannons ROAR!
I see Americans, ALL Americans, free forevermore!!!