Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Legend Passes- RIP Cyd Charisse

She was the first woman I ever had a crush on. She had some of the most memorable dance sequences in movies of any dancer. She was 86.

Here is a lesser known one from Silk Stockings:

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Anonymous said...


I lived a number of years in the Texas town where Cyd Charisse lived as a child.

“The Ladies” were discussing her successful career as a dancer at a “Ladies meeting”

The comment that stuck in my mind was

“You know she lived on the
”wrong side of the track.
No one paid any attention to her.

If we had known how successful
she would become. We would
have treated her differently”

I wondered if someone did encourage
her and could we treat children
differently so the “unusual” ones
have a better chance to flower.

Must genius / talent seak it’s own path?