Friday, April 04, 2008

Episcopal Derangement Syndrome

Back in the Clinton Presidency, I had some friends that basically came unhinged at the very mention of the phrase "President Clinton". More recently, my neighbour across the street starts foaming at the mouth at the mention of "President Bush". He is a nice guy and a good neighbour, he just can not mentally handle our current President.

It would appear that the current litigation is affecting the Rev. Terry Martin, who blogs over at Father Jake Stops the World. In a comment thread, he wrote "So, Peter Akinola not only gets to terrorize Nigerians, he also gets to steal American property? I don't think so."

Unfortunately, it's neither his place, nor my place, nor your place, Dear Reader, to decide that issue. It is in the hands of a judge. Also, there having been no warrants sworn or criminal charges made, the use of the word theft in the preceding passage is inaccurate at best and libelous at worst.

I think perhaps the good reverend and his followers might want to take a break from the litigation and bake bread or walk a labyrinth or something. If any of them are here in Atlanta, they can use my garden and pull weeds. I've always found pulling weeds to be excellent therapy for any anger or frustration I might be feeling. Just drop me a line and I'll set you up with gloves and anything else you might need.

Oh and Bill Clinton was our President and George Bush is our President. Get over it.

Addendum: It appears that the Rev. Martin has a garden of his own, or practices some other excellent form of anger management. Kudos to him!

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