Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Bachelor Life

Mrs. Ockham is off visiting her cousin until Sunday, so I'm living the bachelor life here at Nominalism Manor. Some men would waste their valuable free time on strippers and liquor. Your friend Matthew prefers doing laundry his way, watching Fiddler on the Roof and spending some time at the range.

As part of the preparations for a day at the shooting range, I ordered a target hanger from Amazon sells it themselves and we're Prime customers so two day shipping is free. Ordered on Tuesday and should have arrived today.

The pistol case I also ordered arrived. As did the Mezzo Wore Mink (I told you we live the wild bachelor life). And a four foot by two foot by four foot box. Which when opened was stuffed full of brown packing paper and nothing else. The cats are enjoying their new toy immensely.

The good news is that the young man with the indeterminate accent at Amazon customer service said they would be sending my target hanger out via one day delivery. I really have no complaints. These things do happen. And he couldn't have been nicer.

My only remaining question is whether that is 'one day' meaning Friday, 'one day' meaning Saturday or 'one business day', which might be Monday. My money is on Monday.

And our four cats are greatly entertained. If Amazon had rubbed the paper in catnip I doubt it would have enthralled our pets more.

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