Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where Once There Was Only One

There are apparently two Standing Committees in the Diocese of San Joaquin. Assuming the Rev. Dan Martins is correct, of course. Of course all of this begs the question of what, exactly, is going on in San Joaquin?

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Allen Lewis said...

If you consider the situation, it does make sense. Clergy members of the Standing Committee must be Anglican priests in the Southern Cone. The clergy members of the SC who were declared unqualified had not declared their allegience to the Southern Cone. The same thing applies to the lay members. Nothing dark and nefarious about this, this is simple obedience to the diocesan canons.
Sooner or later, Matthew, people have to make a decision. One cannot worship both God and Mammon. I know it is hard on a priest who has major money in the Episcopal Pension Fund. That is difficult. But again, God is faithful to those who follow him. They just need to be more trusting.
I suspect that those remaining will not be treated kindly by Remain Episcopal. They would be considered too conservative or whatever to suit the politics of Remain Episcopal. Maybe that will be enough to get them off the fence.
But it does make for an interesting situation within the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, does it not?