Friday, January 25, 2008

Sex and Money

Our government is planning to give us all more money. Sounds lovely doesn't it? There is a problem though. Under our current system our money has a very small intrinsic value. It's worth basically what you would pay to buy pretty green paper. In other words, next to nothing. US currency currently does have a great deal of nominal value. Money represents, among other things, a handy way of comparing the value of differing objects. We call that price. So when we go to Target and see that toilet paper costs $3.99 for a four pack and the Bourne Ultimatum costs $15.99, then we can quickly determine that in a barter system, we would have to trade sixteen rolls of toilet paper for an action movie.

There are two ways to alter the price of something. Change the supply of the item or change the supply of the medium of exchange. If the studios decide to flood the market with DVD's then the price of the Bourne Ultimatum would drop. If they quit manufacturing them, then the price will rise. That is supply and demand. The same rule applies to money.

There are three ways for the government to get money. First is they can tax us for it. That is not going to happen with this rebate. Second is they can borrow it. Likewise, not happening. Third is, they can print it. That is where the 'rebate' is coming from.

If money is rare, then it is like Kate Beckinsale. Every man wants her, and few can have her,

Print more of the stuff and it becomes much like Sarah Michelle Gellar: Attractive, lovely to behold, but not a 'must have.

Print even more and you get a Paris Hilton analogy. Symmetrical features, but not really desirable in and of herself

Print a lot of money and you get Britney Spears: Ubiquitous, over available and totally undesirable

The US dollar used to be at Kate Beckinsale levels until recently. Now it's at Sarah Michelle Gellar. Most people of my generation remember the Ford/Carter years. That was Paris Hilton. That is what may be next. Beyond that lies what's been going on in Zimbabwe and most of the Third World. Money no one in their right mind really wants.

So when you hear about getting money from the government, don't be fooled. Our leaders want you to think you'll be getting Kate Beckinsale or at least Sarah Michelle Gellar. In reality, at best you'll get Paris Hilton or at worst Britney Spears. And they won't be just spending one night. Oh no, they're moving in for the long term with iron-clad pre-nuptial agreements.

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Rachael Storm said...

Sadly, money is almost never at the Lucy Lawless level...rawr!

On one other note, an action movie is $15.99 and TP is $3.99....but really, which would you rather have if you had to choose?

DVDs chafe!