Sunday, December 09, 2007

Use of Force Justified or Not?

You decide


Andrew said...

Nope. I hate to see the Taser used in situations like this. While it USUALLY has no lasting ill effects, it can be lethal on people with certain health issues.

Seems a simple case of a cop demanding unquestioning obedience from the public.

Tracie the Red said...

Hey, he COULD have used his gun.

I don't get smart with officers. If they want me to sign something, I'll sign it. We can settle it later in front of a judge with attorneys. It's far easier to have a traffic violation come off of one's record, as opposed to an arrest and 24 hours in jail (been there done that, and not for a traffic violation). It can be done, but it's time-consuming and very costly...far more so than a simple speeding ticket.

I used to work for motor vehicle traffic school, and if he had been here in Florida, the worst that would have happened if he'd signed the citation was either:

1: he goes to the courthouse and pays the fine and takes the points on his record, or...

2: he signs up for a session of traffic school, goes to it, presents his certificate of completion to the clerk of the court, and the points don't even show up on his motor vehicle report.

His mistake was in deciding to argue with a cop right there on the road.

But I'm sure you're going to tell me just how wrong I am.

Matthew said...

I don't know Utah, but most states, if you don't sign the ticket, the cop has to arrest you.

What I fault the officer for is not explaining that. On the other hand, I don't see tasering him. Yes he was a jerk. But we don't have nearly enough room in jail to hold all the jerks.