Monday, November 26, 2007

National Debt

Kendall Harmon over at TitusOneNine is linking to an article moaning about the national debt. It is high. It will get higher. That is probably, but not necessarily a Bad Thing. Our national debt puts us at #26 worldwide by the only realistic measure of debt (as a % of GDP). That is definitely too high. The interesting bit is who is at number 2. Lebanon is number one as their debt has remained high whilst the GDP has plummeted because of the endemic strife there.

For the record, the chances of recession in the near future are fairly slim. They increase a bit over the next year but remain low.

The odds of me explaining how I can predict that are very high indeed. I'll probably post an article later in the week on that subject.

For the record, the national debt while currently too high, is on the whole, a good thing.

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