Saturday, November 17, 2007

I love technology

I blew a fuse late last night. No big deal, except that we were out of the kind of fuse it was (20 amp TL) and Home Depot had just closed. The circuit that it was on was not a major circuit (mostly the microwave and our powered litter boxes) so I thought getting a new fuse could wait until morning.

When I woke up this morning, I did a little web surfing to check prices and I discovered these bad boys. Holy cow! As the owner of an older home, I am seriously in love. I only wish they made a 30 amp version as that is what most of our fuses are.

So one quick trip to the big orange box and I have two shiny new circuit breakers where fuses used to be.

To any corporate executives out there, I would have gone to Lowe's, but according to the website, Lowe's didn't carry them.

Disclosure: We are very minor stockholders in both Lowe's and Home Depot.


LocoOwl said...

Interesting! When I clicked on your links to the Big Orange Box, I did not see the product described. Apparently my local store does not carry this animal. Curious!


Matthew said...


Well, the links to Amazon should still be good.