Thursday, November 15, 2007

Car Geekery

This is probably old news to some of my readers (possibly most), but there's a guy in Wichita that rebuilds cars to achieve absurd levels of fuel efficiency. If it's true, I'm in serious auto-lust.

Hat tip to Daily Kos of all places


Andrew said...

Seriously cool stuff! I particularly love the part about hydrogen injection making diesels twice as efficient!! This sounds like a real boon to the trucking industry that has been hit really hard by the high fuel prices.

Matthew said...

The Hummer seemed a bit over the top. And I'm not a huge fan of bio-fuels. They aren't especially energy efficient and tend to drive up food prices.

But 100 miles per gallon? That is seriously cool.

What I found curious was only one mention of methanol. It's less energy efficient than ethanol, but it can be made from garbage (literally) and other waste, and so would not impact food supplies.

Anonymous said...

CNN just posted a story about Goodwin converting Neil Young's car.