Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Reasonable Request

All she wants is the Sudetenland. Once that simple, reasonable demand is met, then we will have peace.

If you know the process she wants the Bishop of South Carolina to undergo, then you know it's fundamentally flawed and likely to admit of an unfair and unjust result. It's as though it were designed that way.

And yes, I'm well aware that the Presiding Bishop is no Hitler. Hitler was a much better speaker and dresser, was better looking, possessed great personal charm and was a war hero to boot. The Presiding Bishop wears funny hats and is emblematic of the creeping progressive mediocrity that has consumed the Episcopal Church.


Tregonsee said...

The best defense of Chamberlain is that he did not have Neville Chamberlain as a bad example. Bishop Martin and the rest do not have that excuse.

Andrew said...

Since I was young, I was taught that the Episcopal Church had a strong foundation of Tradition, Faith, and Reason. Let's see, they've destroyed many Traditions, acted unReasonably, but still claim to have Faith. But sometimes, I wonder what exactly the PB and other leadership actually have faith in? I don't see much in their words and actions that leads me to believe that they are reading the same Bible I am.

Anonymous said...

Will Sewanee's sick embrace of TEC's sexual innovations take a pause now that donors are impacted by South Carolina?

An Open Letter to Sewanee Vice Chancellor McCardell Concerning Status of Diocese of South Carolina

4. If you do expect Bishop von Rosenberg to replace Bishop Lawrence, or if such a change is probable, why have you not yet notified your alumni and donors in South Carolina of this pending material change in University governance, especially now when many families are considering year end gifts to Sewanee's annual fund?