Friday, February 17, 2012

Laws of the Internet

I think I need to propose a variant of the utterly NSFW and infamous Rule 34. The variant is as follows: If there's a holiday for it, then there is a liturgy for it as well (link is SFW).

And for the record, I'd pay good money to hear that 'Gloria' sung.


Jeff H said...

Of course, this is the work of the incomparable Mark Schweizer, composer, author, and satirist, and was written to accompany the fourth in his (as of now) 10-book "Liturgical Mysteries" series, "The Soprano Wore Falsettos."

The series is described in greater detail here.

And your wish is granted (see first sound file)! I'll be in touch soon under separate cover in re payment.

The Underground Pewster said...

You said it. I hope this ship never crosses our T.

From the creed:

"Far us and far arr salvation
he opened the hatch o’ heav’n
and dropped into the hold:
by the pow’r o’ the Holy Ghost
he became incarnate from the Virgin Mary,
and was made a swabbie.
Fer arr sake he was keel-hauled by that the scurvy dog,
Pontius Pilate;
and was sent t’ Davy Jones’ locker.
On the third day he came back in accardance with the book;
he ascended into heaven
and be seated at the right hand o’ the Admiral."