Saturday, November 05, 2011


Instapundit has a small blurb about parents mailing each other items infected with the chicken pox virus so they can time their child's illness. All of which is in lieu of having the child vaccinated and places the public at risk because of course the items in question are not packaged as biohazardous material.

What they haven't realized is that you can get a follow up disease later on in life if you had chicken pox as child. Little Mary or Johnny will sure be happy that they got that nasty dose of shingles. Of course Mumsy and Popsicle are probably dead by the time their grown up tots start experiencing some of the worst pain known to medicine.

I really, really hope this turns out to be an Internet hoax.


DirtCrashr said...

I had smart patents and vaccinations out the wazoo, but we also lived overseas in the tropics where things can kill you - somehow later when I was in my 30's I got shingles - what a bitch that was!

Free Range Anglican said...

Are you aware that the Chicken Pox vaccine as we have it in the US is derrived from cells harvested from infected aborted fetuses? There's a chicken egg harvested line in Japan, but its not available here. HepA and MMR are also aborted fetal cell strains.

DirtCrashr: I find it offensive that you refer to "smart parents" as those who blindly vaccinate. In your situation, it probably was smart and I don't doubt your own parents' intelligence. But there are plenty of smart parents out there who adjust vaccine schedules, refuse certain vaccines and even refuse all vaccines. I hope you're not implying that someone is not smart simply because they research and occasionally buck the system to make the best choices for their kids.

Free Range Anglican said...

Post script: Unfortunately Postal Pox is not an internet hoax. And it is foolish and illegal.