Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Have Found The Solution

Businesses are leaving California at a record rate, mostly due to its unfriendly regulatory and tax regimes. California has a multiplicity of boards and commissions that make navigating the governmental maze to get permission to do something extraordinarily difficult.

The good news is that the elected officials are aware of the problem.

So they're forming an agency to study it and come up with a solution.

"Later this year, California will set up a new agency that will serve as a focal point for economic development and job creation, he said. Among its goals will be to reverse the perception that California is business-unfriendly."

California, where the jokes write themselves.


.....CLIFFORD said...

I smell an updated Steinbeck: 'The Microchips of Wrath'. Haggard, dispirited tecchies, loading up all their worldly possessions in their 5-series BMW and heading east down I-10 for the dream of... Texas.

Andrew said...

Clifford, that's so '90's. Now, they all drive Prius's (Prii?) if they haven't yet been repossessed. Imagine the plight of the poor homeless Java Programmers as they make their slow adventure-filled trek to Texas in an overloaded Prius. Low gear at 20mph going up steep mountain passes, careening down the other side trying to avoid being blown through the guard rails with burned out brakes.