Monday, June 28, 2010

Fueling the Recovery

No one can accuse the U S Supreme Court of ducking their responsibilities. As expected, McDonald vs City of Chicago came out today. The opinion and dissents weigh in at 216 pages, give or take.

I ran out of paper. I ran out of toner. Office Max now has some of my hard earned money. I'm sure the economy is better for it.

What do I think of the case? I dunno. I haven't read it for myself. The news articles don't have any real surprises, although the Justice Thomas concurrence sounds interesting and Steven's dissent sounds like he's retiring a little later than he should have.

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Andrew said...

Well, the 2nd amendment has FINALLY been incorporated under the 14th Amendment. It will be interesting to see what that really means. Will that lead to any other state, local or Federal gun laws being overturned?

Thomas' separate opinion was brilliant dissertation on why SCOTUS was wrong in not incorporating ALL the Bill of Rights.

Stevens' dissent was rambling and self-contradictory. It seemed to be a collection of ways of twisting the Constitution and logic to justify his beliefs.