Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From Left Field

I was mulling over the latest news from the Diocese of South Carolina when a thought came to me. The leadership of the Episcopal Church is by and large baby boomers. There is one movie that was a huge hit with baby boomers. It seems likely that they see themselves as the hero of the film. Here's a hint: The theme song from the movie made it into a lot of folk masses/youth group sing-a-longs.

What makes it even better is the name of the group that recorded it was 'Coven'.

For the record, the movie was awful. It was bad back in the day. It's still bad today.


Jefferson said...

Good night!

We sang this in youth group at the United Methodist Church where I grew up. It disturbed so much through the years I tried to describe it to my wife during a conversation about our religious upbringing. She had no clue about it.

God bless her parents.

TLF+ said...

PTSD kicking in... "I just go berzerk!"

Charlie Sutton said...

I'm sorry - even tho' I am a boomer (born 1946), I do not know what the movie is.

That has always struck me as a dreadful song.

.....CLIFFORD said...

I heard the song back in the day, but we never sang it in the folk mass group my parents ran back in the late 60's / early 70's. We did sing - after service - Phil Ochs "Love Me, I'm a Liberal", though. The kids in the group were a pretty conservative bunch. (One is now a colonel in the Special Forces.)

It was a lame movie; and a lame song.