Monday, October 12, 2009

Health Insurance Tax

Am I the only one who has a problem with fining/taxing people who have no insurance or insurance deemed inadequate?

While there may very well be a small number of contrary minded scofflaws, the vast majority of people who will be liable for the tax will be the working poor. That is, the hard-working people who just miss the cut-off for government assistance.

Just who exactly does such a tax help?


Andrew said...

That's an EASY one!! Government mandates are never for the 'little people'. (I hate that phrase. It is SO elitist.)
Mandating insurance helps the Insurance companies and politicians!! It's like the Hotel California, You can check in but you can never leave. The insurance companies will have guaranteed revenues, guaranteed profits, don't have to worry about lapses in coverage, no more mediation costs, much lower legal costs, and can plow all that savings into more lobbying.
Politicians love it because they KNOW it's going to be a boondoggle. That allows them to pass MORE laws to 'improve' the plan, which guarantees them votes, and gets them more contributions and power!

And all it will cost is destroying freedom and our economy. A small price to pay to ensure that our congresscritters are happy.

Zana said...

And not only do they plan to tax/fine those who have no insurance or inadequate coverage, they are also planning to fine those who have *too much* insurance. My job's pay is crummy, but I have an excellent insurance plan (which, BTW, doesn't give me much choice - it's all or nothing). According to their guidelines, it is likely I'll be fined because I *dare* to have better insurance than someone else. Egad!