Thursday, October 22, 2009

Core of Personal Theology

Currently there are two forms of theology loose in the world.

The first is what I call personal relativism. This is most popular in the US. It can be summed up as "I define who God is, and therefore what the world is like." A lot of the self-help, empowerment crowd seem to believe this.

The second, and this is popular in the modern Episcopal Church, is corporate relativism. "We define who and what God is, and therefore the nature of the world."

My view: "God defines me. What I know about the world is what He has told me."

I'm not humble. But I do know pride is a sin.


Bill Martin said...

Nicely put. Succinct and accurate.

Perpetua said...

I'm thinking the first two are what is called Idolatry, creating God in one's own image, worshiping same.