Saturday, September 12, 2009


We were invited to a cook out. In all due modesty I make decent brownies, so they asked me to bring brownies. For reasons I'm not going to explain we aren't going to the cook out. I still made the brownies.

My excuse is that I had already melted the butter and choclate by the time we knew we were not going. But still......

I'm using the 'Brownies Cockaigne' recipe from the good edition of the Joy of Cooking.


Dr. Mabuse said...

The first time I made "Brownies Cockaigne" it was fabulous, but I've never done it successfully since. Now, I make Texas Brownies (the liquid used in the recipe is coffee) and that always turns out.

Matthew said...

Shirley Corriher in her cook book Bakewise has an amazing recipe for brownies. It's amazing in two ways. It truly is a 'no fail' recipe. Follow it and they turn out perfect every time.

It's also amazing in terms of the number of ingredients. She uses three sweeteners for example.

What I didn't reveal above is that I substitute in a smidge of corn syrup for sugar in the Joy recipe. It makes all the difference in the world and yields pretty reliable results.

What still baffles me is pie crust. I have never made a successful crust.

Iola said...

This is great!