Sunday, August 02, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes and Methodists

Comes truth.

Part of being a recovering Episcopalian is overcoming the jealousy I feel when I view other denominations. The Roman Catholics have the Magisterium, the Methodists have level headed people like the author of the above (who are heard and not discounted), the Lutherans have options. There is no perfect church, but golly why is it that the others have their act together whilst the lunatics are running the Episcopalian asylum?


Tregonsee said...

As another recovering Episcopalian, and at the risk of being accused of being paranoid, TEC is what it is today because it was chosen as a vulnerable target. It has always been the most liberal of the mainline churches, which means that it attracted those whose priority was to find a church to remake so that it supported their views on gender and sexuality. An effort spanning about 3 decades to select the "right" people for key posts, and the results are as you see today. The Methodists and Lutherans have advocates of these new views, but they have never had to contend with a similar concerted effort. It looks as if TEC may have served as a sufficiently bad example that the other denominations are beginning to veer away in time.

Perpetua said...

I can't believe how long it is taking me to recover from the take-over of my childhood religious traditon.

Regarding why the Episcopal Church was attractive and successfully targeted, it has occurred to me that:
1) it was small, so it took less people to take it over,
2) it was rich, so resources could be diverted to supporting the folks taking it over and championing their issues,
3) it was prominent and respected, so the changes would be news-worthy and could potentially influence others,
4) it was a good fit for disaffected Roman Catholics compared to other protestant denominations.

Matthew said...

To add to y'alls comments, I think we were also vulnerable because of our traditions of temperance, manners and non-enthusiasm. Two generations ago, the assumption was that if you were an Episcopalian, you knew how to behave. Even if you did believe, and believe deeply, you did get noisy about it.

As for recovering from Episcopalianism, I know my problem is that of Giant Rumblebuffin: "Not very clever, perhaps (I never knew a giant that was), but an old family. With traditions, you know." The template for my life was formed with the Episcopal Church. In leaving, I have left a major part of myself behind.

Matthew said...

err, did not get noisy. Sorry.

Miss Sippi said...

Such a good piece. I hope people will take the time to read it all.