Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pre Convention Piskie Propaganda

There's a cameo from the recently famous Katherine Ragsdale!

The video was funded by Integrity, of course, and the Arcus Foundation. Here's the Arcus Foundation mission statement:

The mission of the Arcus Foundation is to achieve social justice that is inclusive of sexual orientation, gender identity and race, and to ensure conservation and respect of the great apes.

The Arcus Foundation works around the globe in two areas—human rights and conservation. Within those areas, we focus our work on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) rights and preservation of the world’s great apes and their habitat. By focusing our efforts in this way, we can use our resources to achieve an impact in each of two critically important yet under-funded areas.

Gays and apes, so many possible jokes that it made my brain hurt.


Andrew said...

The problem, of course, is that the homosexual community wants to define homosexuality as a 'state of being', rather than as an activity. They look at homosexuality as akin to being female or black.

But it isn't. Homosexuality is defined as sexual activity between two persons of the same sex. An activity is something you do not have to do. You may have a predisposition towards wanting it, like any other addiction. But that does not make it right.

No matter how you spin it, homosexual activity is a sin. and we do not want unrepentant sinners as leaders of a church.

And they wonder why they are losing memebers.

Johnny Jenkins Jr. said...

I identify as a black gay man, so whether I engage in sexual activity or not, I continue to have an intimate affection towards the same sex. We are more than just an "activity".

Matthew said...

J3, agreed, you are more than an activity.

However, the BIble quite clearly identifies sex between men as a sin. Actually, it goes further and groups it with infant sacrifice as an abomination. I'm sorry that you are attracted to this activity. But it is a forbidden activity.

And I missed the part where Scripture became optional.

And now that you are convinced that I'm a raving homophobe, let me share something with you.

In 1986, when I moved to Atlanta, I had fourteen male homosexual friends. I was one of two straight men in our group. Of the sixteen of us, there are five left. One of the gay men is now married to a woman and is, as far as I know, straight. My straight friend has moved away. That leaves two gay men, who have also moved away. The rest are no longer speaking to me. They aren't speaking to anyone. They are dead.

Your lifestyle has a body count, and how ever much I want to be tolerant, and however much I want to believe that what you do is right, it is contrary to what God wants, and it killed my friends.

I went to too many funerals in my late twenties and early thirties.

You may be one of the three gay men who are monogamous in this country, but realistically, tolerating gay activity means tolerating gay male sexuality which means tolerating promiscuity. Which means really high levels of sexually transmitted diseases, which include the killers of syphilis and AIDS.

Please show me where God has blessed gay relationships. You will not, because you can not.

Matthew said...

Johnny Jenkins, Jr. is an employee of the Arcus Foundation mentioned in the main post.