Friday, April 03, 2009

My Total Nerdiness

I know almost no one will be interested in this, but I bought myself a new toy today. Yes, rollerballs, gels and ballpoints are tidier. But ever since I was a boy, I've been fascinated by fountain pens. The store that sells them is almost as dangerous as a bakery or an art supply emporium.

Also, very little can surpass the feel and smell of a fountain pen on good quality paper.

Addendum: Isn't the Internet grand?


.....CLIFFORD said...

I've had a Lamy 2000 since 1999. Love the thing. And you're not a nerd. You're... refined.

Matthew said...

Mama would be so proud. :)

Zana said...

My husband desperately wants a new fountain pen. He's been using a very cheap one he got as a gift from his students for years, and has his sights set on "something better". He'd picked out the Lamy Safari, but your Waterford looks like a REALLY good deal from Amazon too. Hmmm. Our anniversary is coming up.... you may have given me an excellent idea!

(Of course, my philosopher husband might actually exceed you in nerdiness... sometimes he uses a quill and inkwell! ::grin::

Matthew said...

I can heartily recommend the Waterford.

If y'all ever come to Atlanta, he'll want to make a pen pilgrimage to Artlite. :)