Monday, December 08, 2008

Standard Answer

In the future, reappraisers ought to reply as follows to any criticism anyone might have of any innovation they wish to introduce:

God is clearly doing a new thing in the diocese of Los Angeles. The folks there are simply being church and living into the all inclusiveness of God’s love. We’ll all get a chance to share our story and do some theology. As for same sex marriage, well, that’s complicated, but by embracing the listening process, walking through life’s labyrinth, and living into the reality that there is much pain in the church right now and we have to allow time for healing, we will all be less shellfish.


Perpetua said...

"we will all be less shellfish".

You make me laugh.

Oh, you won't believe it. The Village Voice linked to my post "Something about shellfish".

Perpetua said...

Let me try that again, Village Voice.