Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Bad Idea

Chrysler has a history of making unique, intriguing but tragically flawed cars. They continue that with the new 'Peapod'.

Forty miles isn't very far for a commuter car. For example, if you live in Cumming and work in downtown Atlanta, you're car will stop on I-85 south just after the merge, seven miles from your destination.

If you happen to live inside the perimeter or if you're in a smaller metro area you're still out of luck if you want to pick up some eggs on the way home, or if traffic just happens to stall one night.

Further, you can't even drive it on the interstates. It has no airbags and can not go faster than 25 miles per hour. So it's not even a commuter car.

The market for this vehicle is likely going to be doting fathers who don't want their darling daughters driving very far or very fast. Outside of Peachtree City, where is the market for this vehicle?

{H/T Instapundit}

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